The Don’s Wife, a thriller

“When the California wine industry clashes with the California Mafia, Sarina is caught between her boss, her husband, and her conscience. When an intriguing Russian wine collector complicates her life, and Sarina is betrayed, she decides to do it her way and take no prisoners, in this sexy, balls-to-the-wall thriller.”

The Don’s Wife compared to other authors and books

“Actually your book is not like the Godfather, which is full of sexist Italian men and is dated. Look for comparisons with books that have strong female leads who might be bad girls. And Mafia clichés are clichés because that is how the Mafia works. The trick is to cover new ground and you are doing that when she takes over the organization. And changes as it happens. And uses men to her liking which I think is rather fun. In fact, maybe you should compare yourself to say, Sidney Sheldon or Jackie Collins. I think Jackie Collins would be a good comparison.”

Lynn S. Hightower, Shamus Award Winner and Author THE PIPER 2013, EVEN IN DARKNESS 2013 and FLASHPOINT 1995

Other Published Books:

  • When Secrets Die 2005
  • High Water 2002
  • Fortunes of the Dead 2001
  • Eyeshot 2000
  • The Debt Collector 1999
  • No Good Deed 1998
  • Satan’s Lambs 1993
  • Alien: Rites 1995, Heat 1994, Eyes 1993, Blues 1992, New e-Book Release Open Road Media



“As a book critic, I see many, many pieces of writing cross my desk, and I’ve learned to recognize talent within the first page. Lynn had that talent in the first sentence.

A daring and dedicated writer, Lynn’s passion shows in every word. In the class, she was incredibly helpful and generous to other writers, even as she was learning from them. Writing mysteries is different than other kinds of writing, with its own rules, and Lynn not only dedicated herself to those rules, she learned how to bend and even break them to create stunningly original pieces of writing.

Lynn’s background is also really impressive. She’s published a wealth of articles in newspapers and newsletters. She’s taught writing fiction as well as having a distinguished second career in journalism, and her fiction is rooted in the world of which she’s written about and published articles. An award-winning scribe, her breadth and experience make her a writer to watch.”

Caroline Leavitt, Novelist

Published Books:

  • Into Thin Air 2014
  • The Wrong Sisters: Stories 2014
  • Family 2014
  • Lifelines 2014
  • Meetin Rozzy Halfway 2014
  • A People’s History of the Peculiar 2014
  • Is This Tomorrow: A Novel 2013
  • Pictures of You 2011
  • The Kids’ Family Tree Book 2007
  • Girl in Trouble: A Novel 2005
  • Coming Back to Me:A Novel 2003
  • The Haunted Clubhouse 1998
  • The Prince and the Pooch 1997
  • Living Other Lives 1995 and others.